Book design and identity for "Brain Restart" 

Today, we consume as much information per day as our ancestors did not receive for a year of quiet life in the lap of nature. We are facing a clear fact of information overload. Almost every one of us sometimes experiences this feeling in his head. Information is not just inside us, it takes our attention and literally interferes with life. 

Imagine that you are simultaneously watching at hundreds of computer monitors, all of them constantly buzzing around you — something like this is a phenomenon called “internal dialogue”. Brain Restart — a book that helps you to get rid of internal dialogue.  It will help you relieve invisible inner tension and move towards new horizons in life. This is your new secret instrument in the struggle for success and happiness.

Client: Shabshai
Creative Studio: Mask Movement
Art direction, cover art: Maks Histibe
Graphic design, illustrations: Solonskyi