BT & Emma Hewitt — No Warning Lights

Our official music video for “No Warning Lights” by Grammy nominated electronic music artist BT & Australian singer-songwriter Emma Hewitt. Directed by Histibe.
Making music videos during quarantine has been a new kind of challenge we don’t think any musicians ever anticipated. But! It has caused us all to get creative. More so than usual. The No Warning Lights involved people all over the world. Maks Histibe created concept and detailed guidelines for the video shoot with mood boards for the music video in Ukraine. A film crew in Australia shot Emma Hewitt. BT & his wife shot footage in the studio in Los Angeles. And various creative ink shots, final editing and post-production were done by Histibe and Mask Movement creative studio in Ukraine. Despite being worlds apart, we were able to make something beautiful happen.
Creative Production: Mask Movement
Video Director/Editor/Concept: Maks Histibe
Director of Photography: Alper Kasap
Producer: Anthony Hewitt
Video team in Los Angeles: BT, Lacy Transeau
Black Hole Recordings: Arny Bink
Mask Movement creative team: Alex Cloud, Zaur Dzhafarov, Aleksandr Solonskyi
1AC: Wye Keen Wong, 2AC: Joel Soh
Gaffer: Albert Garcia