This is a volunteer video project that we made to support the defenders of Ukraine to draw attention to the problem of hearing loss.

Preservation of hearing is an important topic. When we communicate with friends and family, when we write music, we need to hear well. Personal protective equipment is important. Not just to keep you safe, it can save lives. In the midst of loud artillery fire, exposure to continuous weapon discharges and intense explosions may cause shell shock (PTSD), or even hearing loss. Earplugs are safeguards. Just as other parts of the body require protection, our ears and hearing especially, must be preserved. Special reusable earplugs can prevent hearing loss and maintain auditory health. So you can hear the voice of loved ones. Protect your hearing. Hear the Sound of Victory!

This is the key video for the campaign “Do you hear me? Plus. Plus” of the Ukrainian NGO “Vidchui” https://vidchui.org
All profits from this project went to the purchase of earplugs for the brave people who defend Ukraine.

The sound design in the video was created using “Swords to Ploughshares” virtual instrument, created in partnership between Soundiron and Histibe.

Behind the Scenes

Video Directors: Maks Histibe, Zaur Dzhafarov
Original Music/Sound Design: Histibe
Camera Operators: Volodymyr Morhunov, Artem Poznanski
Editing/Post: Maks Histibe, Zaur Dzhafarov
Motion Graphics/Titles: Maks Histibe
Graphic Designer: Alexander Solonskyi
Creative Studio: Mask Movement