Serene Peaks

Music video and cover art for Serene Peaks, a mini-album recorded in the 2015-2018 period by Kyiv-based audiovisual artist Histibe and British music producer Subsets which also includes co-production from Detroit-based musician Turing and vocals from Lika Bugaeva (Zetetics). 

Moving from one track to another you can find yourself in the depths of the underground or on the peak of the mountain. This visual feeling inspired the title of the project “Serene Peaks”. This is an imaginary cold but beautiful place for a loner with a hope and belief in the better tomorrow. 

Music Producers: Histibe & Subsets
Creative Studio: Mask Movement
Video Director: Histibe
Additional Footages: Rowan While
Guest Musician: Turing
Vocals: Lika Bugaeva & Histibe
VFX & Editing: Histibe
Cover Art: Johnannes Picharidis
Retouch: Histibe