Connect People Thru Art Beyond Borders

Official video for Masaaki Hasegawa and his artistic project “Connect People Thru Art Beyond Borders” — the largest calligraphy artwork in Europe.

This enormous artwork is created to demonstrate the power of art in the 21st century to Connect People Beyond Borders such as nationality, language, religion, gender, and generation. The artwork is 1926 square meters in size and available on the rooftop of Zapadores in Madrid, Spain. This artwork is currently the largest calligraphy artwork in Europe.

Letters that people can’t read but instead feel

Client: Masaaki Hasegawa
Visual Director & Editor: Histibe
Creative Studio: Mask Movement
Video Footages/DOP: Nicola Beccu
Music: Histibe & Subsets “I Will” (ft. Lika Bugaeva)