Panasonic Lumix + Histibe Video Experiments 

An official collaboration between Panasonic Lumix and Mask Movement that combines a futuristic artistic vision of Histibe with a demonstration of the capabilities of modern video equipment, such as Panasonic Lumix cameras and other professional video gear.

We would like to share our experience and highlight the main features that makes Panasonic Lumix GH5S camera useful for a wide range of creative tasks. This a mix of short documentary film and review. You can see various photographs and test shots, combined with elements of motion design and progressive electronic music.

Lumix GH5S camera has been used for filming music video for Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Christian Burns. What’s more, GH5S was the main camera in the commercial video for Saudi Arabian coffee brand Spout and in short documentary for “Castle in the Snow” hitmakers Kadebostany.

Testing Lumix GH5S in Kyiv

Client: Panasonic 
Video Director: Histibe
Creative Studio: Mask Movement
Assistant Directors: Piton, Nikita Podobedov
Special thanks: Bernard Bertrand, Sergey Gaydamanchuk
English Subtitles: Gerald Gaecke
Music: Histibe
Years: 2018-19